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11.486 Species*

68% Terrestrial | 32% Marine

1.930.785 Records

93% Terrestrial | 7% Marine

19.490 Images

90% Terrestrial | 10% Marine


Suggestions: Pyrrhula, Insects, Blue whale

* includes subspecies
Photo: Grasshopper
© Paulo A.V. Borges (Azorean Biodiversity Group, CITA-A)

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Update Lauriidae 20240212

Update Lauriidae 20240212

Azoresbioportal Database Update  Associated documents: Taxonomy_Update_Lauriidae_20240212 Taxonomy Update Lauriidae 20240212 Occurrences

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Leptaxis drouetiana (Morelet, 1860)


Sanicula azorica Guthnick ex Seub.

Cixius azomariae Remane & Asche, 1979

Tree lacehopper