The Azorean Biodiversity Portal is a unique resource for fundamental research in systematics, biodiversity, education and conservation management in the Azores (Portugal).

It also provides an original platform for biogeographical and macroecological research on islands.

The species database (ATLANTIS) is comprised of spatial grid-based (500×500 m) presence-absence information for ca. 5000 species, drawing on a thorough literature survey (dating back to the 19th Century) as well as on unpublished records from recent intensive field surveys in the Azores. Many species are also accompanied by images from collections and/or live specimen.

Strategic collaboration

The Azorean Biodiversity Portal and Portal Naturdata – biodiversity online are currently partners. With similar objectives, acknowledging the diversity in our country, both start to collaborate in sharing information, news and events. Visit them, meet our diversity, and why not, to participate in this effort by sending images and other resources. In the case of the Azorean Biodiversity Portal images should be submitted to the E-mail.

About 8,597 images are now available covering about 2,892 species of the Azores. We are indebted to all colleagues and friends that sent recently many images of species (Ingrid Altmann, Clube de Ambiente – FOC, Isabel Amorim, Jean-Yves Baugnée, Osvaldo Borges, Denis Bourgeois, Joel Bried, John Bridges, Bruno Brum, Filipe Caetano, Pedro Cardoso, Alain Doornaert, Rui Bento Elias, Tim Faasen, Jan-Peter Frahm, Martin Gascoigne-Pees, Nuno Gonçalves, Martin Gossner, Hannes Günther, Ben Hamers, Bart Hanssens, Walter Haug, Jan Henderickx, Claus Hense, INTREFRUTA, Valter Jacinto, David Jones, Frank Köhler, Stanislav Krejcik, Jørgen Lissner, Leonardo F. Machado, Alberto Maia, Cosmin Manci, José Marcelino, Fernando Martins, Enésima Mendonça, Walter Müller, Tom Murray, Ed Nieuwenhuys, Alby Oakshott, Sabine Ortmann, Fernando Pereira, Hubert Polacek, Filipe Porteiro, Urs Rindlisbacher, Jean-Claude Ringenbach, Francisco Reis, Jordi Ribes, Jacques Rosès, Hanno Schaefer, Udo Schmidt, Felix Schumm, Paulo H. Silva, Ana Simões, D´Almeida Simões, Stefan Sollfors, Malcolm Storey, Xim Sureda, Martin Suvák, Brian Valentine, Alex Wild, Albert de Wilde, Peter Wirtz).

Photo © Paulo A.V. Borges (Azorean Biodiversity Group, CITA-A)

We would like to highlight some specialists who are sending large amounts of images (100 or more) for the portal already available and many others to offer soon:

– Felix Schumm, pictures of Lichens (780 images).
– Hanno Schaefer, with images of Spermatophyta (722 images).
– Jan-Peter Frahm, with images of Bryophyta (381 images).
– John Bridges (http://northeastwildlife.co.uk/) with images of several taxonomic groups (170 images).
Jorgen Lissner (Azorean Spiders: with images of spiders (154 images).
-Albert de Wilde, with images of insects (101 images).
– Tim Faasen, with images of several taxonomic groups (most of Arthropoda) (73 images; more to come).

We are indebted to all the contributors to the Insecte.org & Galerie-insecte.org projects, particularly those who have allowed their photos to be used here: Jean-Pierre Arnaud, Calmont Benjamin, Jean-Claude Bernard, Patrick Bonneau, Robert Bonneau, Franck Buron-Mousseau, François Calame, Marina Chavernoz, Laurent Conchon, Franco Christophe, Christine Devilliers, Pierre Duhem, Hélène Dumas, Michel Ehrhardt, Gerard Euziere, Sylvie Faeles, Jean-Michel Faton, Jérémie Fevrier, Anne Forgues, Etienne Iorio, Dennis Keith, Edith Konik, Arp Kruithof, Vincent Lefebvre, Christophe Lauriaut, Bruno Lavoué, Olivier Levoux, Patrick Libouel, Denys Liger, Clement Marc, Henri Maleysson, Normand Marie-Laure, Jean-Philippe Mathieu, Hugues Mouret, Franck Noel, Pierre Oger, Nicolas Paris, Christian Perez, Didier Petot, Matthieu Pilard, Dominique Poirier-Ducrocq, Daniel Radix, Michel Renou, Didier Roustide, Eric Serres, Patrick Straub, Déjean Sylvain, Nicolas Vansteene, Stephane Vassel, Michel Verolet, Arnaud Ville.

We are indebted to all the contributors to the UK Moths Webpage, particularly those who have allowed their photos to be used here: Charles Baker, Tristan Bantock, George Davis, Tony Davison, Rob Edmunds, Shane Farrell, Graham Finch, Charles Fletcher, Stephen Foster, Martin Gray, Lee Gregory, David Grundy, Dave Hamilton, Paul Harris, Steve Hatch, Donald Hobern, Ian Kimber, Ingeborg M. M. van Leeuwen, Keith Naylor, Ben Smart, Ian Smith, Francis Solly, Brian Stone.

We are indebted to Willy De Prins and Chris Steeman, the leaders of the project Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of Belgium, who have allowed the photos of their webpage to be used here.

We are indebted to National Museums Northern Ireland, the leaders of the project Ground-Beetles of Ireland site, who have allowed the photos of their webpage from Roy Anderson to be used here.

We are indebted to Paolo Mazzei, Raniero Panfili, Ilaria Pimpinelli and Diego Reggianti, the leaders of the project “Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa”, who have allowed the photos of their webpage to be used here.

The Azorean Biodiversity Portal was developed under the INTERREG III B Projects “Atlântico” (2003-2005) and “BIONATURA” (2007-2008), in which the partners in the Azores were respectively Direcção Regional do Ambiente e do Mar and Agência Regional da Energia e Ambiente – ARENA. The principal coordinator of the projecto was the Consejeria de Medio Ambiente y Ordenacion Territorial of the Canary Islands.

For the first time it is possible to have access to the detailed distribution of all the Azorean terrestrial flora and fauna mapped in a 500×500 m grid based on literature records. This means that for some species the distribution is overestimated (due to recent local extinctions) and for others it is subestimated (when there is no literature records of the presence of the species. Help us indicating the current distribution of the species!

For some species some images are also provided. For threatened species only presence/absence in the islands is available.

This project is under the coordination of four different research groups of the University of the Azores:

a) General coordination and study of the terrestrial arthropods and other invertebrates (Annelida, Nematoda) under the supervision of Paulo Borges (CITA-A; Azorean Biodiversity Group). Also in this research group: Enésima Mendonça, Francisco Dinis, Fernando Pereira and Sandra Jarroca;

b) Study of the terrestrial molluscs, coastal marine invertebrates and terrestrial vertebrates under the supervision of António Frias Martins, Ana Cristina Costa and Regina Cunha (UA – Dep. of Biology; CIBIO). Also in this research group: Pedro Rodrigues e Paula Lourenço;

c) Study of the vascular plants under the supervision of Luís Silva (UA – Dep. of Biology; CIBIO). Also in this research group: Mónica Martins, Rodolfo Corvelo e Nuno Pinto;

d) Study of the bryophytes and lichens under the supervision of Rosalina Gabriel (CITA-A; Azorean Biodiversity Group). Also in this research group: Sandra Câmara, Eva Borges, Berta Martins, Fernando Pereira e Nídia Homem.

If you wish to have detailed maps of the spatial distribution of species richness please contact the coordinator of the project.