How to cite the Azores Biodiversity Portal

The use of the content available on the website of the Azores Biodiversity Portal (ABP) is subject to the ABP Terms of Use.

Users are required to identify the ABP expressly and prominently as the source, as shown in the instructions provided here.

The type of citation will depend on the type of data used (for example, text, multimedia, etc.) and how it was used (for example, in a scientific publication, on a website, in the development of an application).

The ABP also provides information from other biodiversity portals (for example, Tree of Life) and these contents must be used and cited in accordance with the specific terms of use of those sites.


1) Acknowledging the ABP

Users of the PBA must give due recognition to it in any publications resulting from its use, depending on the role that the PBA has played in these:

a) Acknowledging the ABP as a whole

We acknowledge the use of the Azores Bioportal grid.7338.f

b) To acknowledge the ABP as a partner

The Azores Bioportal is made possible by contributions from its partners. It is hosted by the Gaspar Frutuoso Foundation and University of the Azores and, is supported by the Regional Government of the Azores and by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), through the Projects PO Açores “M1.1.A/INFRAEST CIENT/001/2022” and “ACORES-01-0145-FEDER-000072 – AZORES BIOPORTAL – PORBIOTA. Operational Programme Azores 2020″ (85% FEDER and 15% regional funds)

2) Acknowledging the ABP as a whole

Please note that this is not the accepted way of citing specific content provided by the ABP, such as event or multimedia data.

a) Cite the ABP website in general as follows:

Nome do Portal. (Year, Month and Day )*. Title. Internet address of the site

* in which the page was published or updated, if available

ABP. (2022, January, 22). Azores Biodiversity Portal.

b) Cite pages without data from the PBA website as follows:

Name of the Portal. (Year, Month and day ). Webpage Title. Internet address of the specific webpage of the ABP site

* in which the page was published or updated, if available

Azores BioPortal. (2021). Hope for Azorean Invertebrates.

3) Citing specific information from ABP

The content accessed through the PBA website may be subject to specific terms and conditions imposed by the data provider, which may include certain licenses to use the content, such as Creative Commons or Copyrights licenses, therefore, prior authorization from the data provider is required.

a) Citing occurrence record data of a specific locality downloaded from the ABP

To cite, you must use the specific publication(s) associated with the occurrence data, adding at the end the internet address from which the data were obtained, according to the example below:

Name of the author(s) (date of the document associated with the occurrence). Name of the document associated to the occurrence data. Internet address of the webpage.

Gregório, R., Neves, A., & Romão, P. (2010). Plantas vasculares dos Açores. Webpage

b) Citing a species page, including occurrence distribution maps

Species-specific pages on the ABP website should be cited using the specific authorship information provided on the page, according to the following example:

Author (year of publication or last update). Taxon name. Azores BioPortal. Internet address of the taxon page on the PBA website

Elias, R. (2021). Juniperus brevifolia. AzoresBioPortal.

For the reproduction of a map taken from ABP with the distribution of species occurrences, it is necessary that all the visible attributions be maintained in the lower part of the image. If this is not possible, cite them (Leaflet, Esri, Esri – National Geographic, etc.) in addition to the ABP.

c) Citing a species list or a group of organisms

Lists of species or groups of organisms available on the ABP website must be cited using the authorship information specified on the page, according to the following example:

Author (year of publication or last update). Name of species list or group of organisms. Azores BioPortal. Internet address of the page on the PBA website

Borges, P. (2021) Arachnida. Portal da Biodiversidade dos Açores. Available from!@tx!-Animalia-Chordata/

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Last Updated: 2022/02/28